Things to do in Goa to make your New Year celebration more memorable

As the dates are coming close, everyone is dreaming about a party or peaceful holidays to welcome the coming New Year. And when it comes to places for the celebration of New Year in India, Goa would be the best choice of all. So here are few thing you can do in Goa during New Year

1) Renting a 2 Wheeler
Having an emotional attachment with 2 wheelers, I would always advise renting a bike in Goa so you could travel around easily. But the price of a motorcycle will go up as the 31st December is coming close. A few weeks before the new year, it will be around 300-400 INR and a week before new year it will go up to 1000 INR and on the last two days of the new year, it will be more than 2500 per day. But if u make a booking in advance you could get a bike rental in cheaper price as well


2) Let’s have a Beer 
If you are a beer lover, this is the place you should be for perfect vacation. It will cost almost same price if you are buying most popular beer of Goa (Kings) from an open shack bar with beautiful sea view or from the Liquor shop. Many people prefer to buy the drink from outside and enjoy it on the beach.
3)  A House Party in Goa
If you are going with a group of friends and coming especially for New Year celebration, a house party in private villas in Goa would be the best choice for your perfect celebration. Not to mention you will meet a lot of people during beach parties and with private villas, you could always host an after house party to keep the party going


Source – Google Images


4)  Staying in camp
It won’t be easily possible to camp anywhere in north Goa, but if you move towards the south Goa, you will find some beautiful and lonely beaches where you can put your tent anywhere you want. One such beach is Talpona beach with rarely few people on an almost 1 km long beach. A small restaurant is also on the beach from where you can buy food and beer to enjoy your peaceful New Year evening

5) A Luxurious Celebration
A variety of options are available in Goa to make your trip more comfortable. Once in a year, this occasion comes, so with a decent budget in a group of family members or friends, you could try for the stay in luxurious 5-star hotels in goa or choose your favourite villas in Goa with swimming pool to enjoy your peaceful time when you go back home after beach parties. And to make it once in a lifetime experience on this New year celebration, I would always suggest you to enjoy a peaceful time on a Yacht in Goa with some wine far away from crowded beach (in middle on Ocean) looking at the colourful sky of sunset.

6) People who don’t want to spend too much money on club ticket can just go to Anjuna beach and wait for the clock to turn 9. As soon as it gets dark, the whole Anjuna beach become home for party animals. One very popular cafe on this beach is Curlies where the party goes till 5 in the morning

7) Beach parties
A lot of dance festival (Like sunburn) happen during the time of New Year. I would always recommend people who are traveling to Goa for the New Year to at least attend one of those festivals and dance till their last breath. And in case you have smoked or drunk too much, you could always join the league of superhumans dancing in Silent parties (Warning: Don’t go if you are not High)


Sunburn (Source google images)


8) Watersports
Even if you don’t know how to swim, you can still have a great adventure doing kayaking, speedboat, and banana ride on the beautiful beach of Goa. And if you are an expert and looking for water surfing, you should move towards southern goa to get the higher tide for surfing and other adventure activities

9) Sunset on Beach
Although it’s nothing to mention but still for the records, I would recommend you to take some time out from your party schedule, hold a beer and watch the sun going down on one of the most beautiful sunsets locations
in India


10) Last but not the least
Out with the old, in with the new: May you be happy all year through

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  1. Great information buddy, I just found your blog while surfing through the internet, and I read some of your articles, and I enjoyed them reading, great stories, please share more with us, I’ll love reading them always.


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