Mukteshwar – Offbeat weekend gateway near Delhi

If you are getting bored of repeated visit to Kasol and Manali during your vacations, this small peaceful holiday location located 50 Kilometers from Nainital and 340 Kilometers from Delhi is one of the best weekend gateway for people in Delhi who are looking for a peaceful place with fresh air in mountains away from city or touristy Places.

Being part of Uttrakhand(Land of God’s), this place is not just a tourist destination surrounded by hills but it has some mythological stories to excite you as well. There is an old legend which suggests once upon a time there was a big battle between Lord Shiva and a very powerful devil, who was about to rule over the world. The devil got Mukti(immortality) after getting defeated and killed by Shiva and from that time this place was named as Muktesar which later changed to Mukteshwar.
But the beautiful hill station of Mukteshwar got recognization after the visit of famous author Jim Corbett who mentioned Mukteshwar in his book “Man-Eaters of Kumaon” (1944) about his experience in the jungles of Mukteshwar during his exploration visit. Mukteshwar is still the home to a large number of leopard, the fear can be seen in local people who don’t prefer to go outside in dark jungle at night.
Not only Mukteshwar but one hour journey from Mukteshwar (40km) is another beautiful village of “Kasar Devi” which was part of hippie trails in 60-70. The legendary artist like Bob Dylan, George Harrison and Cat Stevens, Western Buddhist Robert Thurman, and writer D. H. Lawrence in 60-70s.

How to Reach Mukteshwar

By Train:
* Delhi to Kathgodam (overnight journey)
* From Kathgodam, there are only two buses which go to Mukteshwar (one in morning and one in evening)  but you can always get a shared taxi. In case you don’t find a shared taxi directly to Mukteshwar, you can take a taxi to “Bhowali” from where you will get taxi to Mukteshwar very frequently
By Bus: One can get direct bus from Delhi to Mukteshwar

                             Things to do in Mukteshwar

1) Visit the sunset point and get mesmerized by the amazing view of Valley with colorful sky.


2)Spend a perfect afternoon at Bhalugaad waterfall – 7 kilometers away from Mukteshwar town

3) Visit famous Mukteshwar temple

4) Staying in Mukteshwar Resort with good view

Mukteshwar is famous for the resorts and it will be hard to find a cheap hotel so I would suggest staying in WAYWOODWINDLODGE which is in one of the most comfortable, luxurious and yet affordable places with a sunrise view from room window itself.



5) A walk around the jungle in Afternoon

IMG_2040 (1)

6) Visit Kasar Devi via Sitla Estate area to get mesmerizing view of mountains

Mountain view from Sitala forest
Sunset in Almora on way to Kasar Devi
Somewhere on road in Sitala forest
 Last but not the least, after visiting Mukteshwar you will realize the meaning of an old saying by Sir Richard Burton
“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.”

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  1. Wonderful post. This blog has an amazing information about the destination places of Delhi beautiful visiting spot and captures very impressive photos.


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