Tourist Visa for SoutheastAsia (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia) for Indian Citizen

When it comes to traveling around the world,  popular saying which pumps the adrenaline inside most of us is

“Don’t think, pack your bags and travel around the world”

This saying is true for most backpackers around the world but doesn’t suit Indians so much, as we do need Visa to enter most of the countries. Sometimes, we feel happy to know that Indians have Visa on arrival but a little information could ruin your perfect vacation plan. From my recent trip to South East Asian countries, I feel its better to know about Visa before you plan your travel.


We do need Visa for Thailand and luckily Thailand is one of the Visa on arrival country for Indian passport holders. But that visa is given on the airport and that too only for less than 15 days. Yeah, you read it correctly.  Visa on arrival for Indians in Thailand is given for 15 days only.

Documents required for visa on Arrival(Less than 15 days) at Thailand airport

* 6 months passport (You passport expiry date should be 6 months from the time you plan to enter into Thailand) with two opposite blank pages
* Return flight ticket or onwards confirm flight ticket from Thailand (Without this you won’t be able to cross the immigration check post ) 
* 2 recent passport size photos (3.5cm X 4.5 cm) with white background 
* Confirmed Hotel booking (They just need hotel name and a printed hotel booking. So you can book via  Booking with no prepayment option)
* As per rule you need to have a minimum of 700 USD in your bank account. Normally they don’t ask this on immigration, but it could be asked anytime. For that, you need to have recent bank statement stamped by bank managed and receipt of a credit card with you. 
* You will get visa application form on the airport which you need to fill and submit with above documents to get on arrival visa 
* Visa fees in Cash (Better carry USD else you need to pay a higher amount in Thai Bhat)
Note: They may ask for more documents if they doubt about your stay 

Document required for the pre-approved (More than 15 days) Thailand tourist Visa

You can apply by yourself through Vfs Thailand office in India or give it to the Travel agent as they also don’t charge much(in my case 500 Rs extra). It will take less than 7 days for your Visa to come and you will be given single entry 90 days Visa. With the pre-approved visa, you don’t need to worry much about immigration in Thailand. Just return or onwards ticket could be checked  
Documents required
* Visa application form which you will get in Vfs office.
* ITR (Income tax return last 3 years if you are working). If you don’t have or not working, you can skip this.
* Bank statement of last 6 months with sufficient balance(Minimum of 1,00,000 INR) from bank verified with bank stamp and bank manager signature)
* Job details (If you are working, you need a leave letter from your company)
* Hotel booking (Confirmed hotel booking for your stay in Thailand. You can book via booking by choosing the book without prepayment option)
* Return or onward flight ticket from Thailand
* Travel insurance. Yes, you need to show a travel insurance. Either you can choose a cheap insurance or book through insurance who give layoff period(Time under which you can cancel your insurance and you will get the full refund)
* 2 recent passport size photos (3.5cm X 4.5 cm) with white background 
If you are planning for a Motorcycle road trip in Thailand. You can read my blog about Motorcamping In Thailand where I shared more details about motorcycle rental and camping locations


Vietnam gives E-visa for Indians. It’s a pre-approved Visa request from Vietnam embassy but not actual Visa. 

Things to do at least a week before you land in Vietnam 

You have to apply through an online portal which charges from 6$ to 20$(I used vistvietnamvisapro as it’s cheap). You need to provide information as per your passport like 
* Date of entry to Vietnam
* You passport No
* Date of Birth
* Full Name as per passport
* Type of Visa (single entry 30 days, single entry 90days, multiple entry 30 days and multiple entry 90 days)
Note: The cost of 30 days and 90 days visas are the same
After 2 days you will get a confirmation mail from the portal. The mail could have your name with other travelers name and passport details. 
Don’t Panic, this is normal in Vietnam and that’s how it works. You need to take a printout of this mail and show at airport In Vietnam while asking for Visa before you clear the immigration. You also need to pay the Visa amount of 25$ ( for single entry 30 days visa or 90 days single entry visa)

Things and document required after you land in Vietnam Airport 

If you are reading this and already on Vietnam airport without a pre-approved visa request, nothing can be done. You need to leave to a different country or go to some country which provides visa on arrival for Indians such as Thailand or Indonesia and apply for a pre-approved visa before entering Vietnam
If you have read it before visiting Vietnam. Consider yourself lucky. Once you land at Vietnam airport, you need to provide few documents to get your visa on airport 
* Print out Pre-approved visa request sent by the online platform. 
* You passport which has at least 6-month validity 
* 2 recent Passport size photos (3.5cm X 4.5 cm) with white background
* Fully filled visa form (you get it on Vietnam airport)
* Visa fees(for single entry 30 days or 90 days is 25 USD in 2018). Better carry USD else you need to pay a higher amount in Vietnamese Dong.
At the time of visa, they won’t ask for more document. And while clearing the immigration, normally you don’t need to show the return ticket and hotel booking but rarely they do ask for it because as per rules they can ask for it. A little trick for this is to book ON Hold ticket from some airlines such as Qatar Airways as its valid for 3 days. or you can use different website which provides dummy confirm flight ticket for 24 hours or 48 hours.
Not going to elaborate completely but to remove your curiosity, a dummy ticket is actually a valid ticket which can be verified on the airline website. But this ticket is valid for only 24 hours. So dummy doesn’t mean a photoshopped flight ticket, it’s a real ticket for just 24 hours. 


Laos give 30 days visa on arrival(through border crossing by road or coming via flight) for Indians which is enough time to travel in Laos. And it’s visa on arrival, not an E-Visa. So you don’t need to worry about anything. Just board a flight and you will get the visa on arrival at Loas airport.

Documents required for Laos Visa on Arrival for Indian tourist

* 6 Months valid passport which two blank pages. 
* 2 Recent passport size photos(3.5 Cm X 4.5 cm)  with white background.
* A hotel name or place you have booked a hotel for the first night of stay in Laos
* Visa fees (40USD in 2018). Better carry USD else you need to pay a higher amount in local currency (Laos Kip).
* Fully filled visa form


Cambodia provides two visa options for India either E-visa or Visa on arrival. Both visa processes are smooth and you will be given 30 days visa only. The reason people choose E-visa over Visa on arrival is to avoid waiting time on airport after arriving on Cambodia Airport. (E-visa has extra fees of 8 USD in 2018)

On Arrival Tourist Visa for Cambodia for Indian Tourist

 * 6 Months valid passport which two blank pages. 
* 2 Recent passport size photos(4 Cm X 6 cm)  with white background.
* A hotel name or place you have booked a hotel for the first night of stay in Laos
* Visa fees (20 USD in 2018). Better carry USD else you need to pay a higher amount in local currency.
* A copy of credit card statements or bank statements that serves as a proof to survive the expenses in Cambodia. Or else, the applicant can have 500 USD cash so that it can be a proof to manage the expenses for at least 15 days.
* A copy of the confirmed return flight tickets. However, if the applicant intends to come by road, he/she should have a cover letter mentioning the visa for the next country, which can be Vietnam or Thailand. Note that there is no option of Visa on Arrival in Thailand when traveling by road from Cambodia. However, if a visa is already acquired for Thailand, the applicant can enter the border via the Aranyaprophet Checkpoint.

E-Visa for Cambodia For Indian Tourist

Cambodia E- visa is given for 30 days single entry with the validity of visa up to 90 Days. E-visa is little expensive as you need to pay additional e-visa fees + processing fees (12USD + 5USD).

Documents required for Cambodia Visa on Arrival

* A digital copy of passport which is valid for 6 months from the arrival time in Cambodia.
* A digital photo which has to be less than 1 MB in jpg, png or BMP format.
 * Payment possible via credit card only 

How To apply for Cambodia E-Visa for Indian Tourist

*  Go to official E-visa portal for Cambodia and create your account. This account will be used for the future visa as well.
* Fill the application form, which will include an applicant’s name, address, country, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number, nationality, passport details, date of issue of the passport, country of the passport, expiry date of the passport, visa type, entry port, and entry date in Cambodia.
* Upload your digital photo and click next
* Review your details and pay visa/master card.
* Submit and wait for authorities to send the confirmation within 3 days.
* Once E-visa is approved take two printout copies of an e-Visa certificate. One copy has to be given at the immigration section whereas the other copy will be required at the time of departure
Note: The only problem people face is with photos as it doesn’t match with the passport photo or really bad quality photo. In that case, you need to apply again.


I didn’t visit Indonesia and Malaysia, but I was planning to do so. Since I didn’t get a visa for Malaysia from Malaysia Embassy In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I dropped my plan to visit this two country.

Indonesia on arrival Tourist Visa For Indians (NO FEES VISA)

It’s actually not a Visa, but just a visa stamp on your passport and valid for 30 days. It’s new for Indians but its very common of Westerners traveling across Southeast Asia, as they do have a lot of them on their passport during visa run.

Document Required for On Arrival visa of Indonesia 

* 6 Months valid passport which two blank pages. 
* 2 Recent passport size photos(3.5 Cm X 4.5 cm)  with white background.
* A hotel name or place you have booked a hotel for the first night 
* No Fees 

Malaysia Visa, Take in India itself 

Malaysia visa on arrival is given to Indians only when they are traveling from India and going back to India. If you are traveling from Thailand or Singapore, you will be given 15 days visa on arrival. But, if you are planning to visit Malaysia from any other country except the one I mentioned above, you won’t get a visa unless you have a working visa from the country you are coming. 
For example, I was traveling across the Southeast Asian country. I wanted to travel to Malaysia from Vietnam. I checked with Malaysia embassy in Ho Chi Minh as well for the possibilities of getting Malaysia visa. The only way to get Malaysia visa from Vietnam is to have a working visa in Vietnam.
Note:- Some people don’t notice this and they take online E-visa approval for Malaysia. You E-visa will surely be approved but you will be stopped at immigration if you are not coming from Thailand(with onward flight to Singapore or India), India(Return flight to India ) or Singapore(With onwards or return flight to Singapore or India) 

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