Bio: I am Dk Chauhan, traveler, photographer and a rider. I have recently traveled 46000+km across India in 500+days on royal Enfield with a mobile camera. My next adventure trip is across Europe on a motorcycle. I will be starting my Europe Trip in June 2017. Thank you for checking out my blog and spending your precious time in exploring my vision . All my images are All Rights Reserved. They should not be reproduced in any way, and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. If you wish to use any of my images please contact me ( dkchauhan2k7@gmail.com) Regards, Deepak Kumar Chauhan(aka DK)

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15 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your blog because it gives visitors like myself incite into life where you live. I do exactly the same thing with my blog, promoting life in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.


      1. I’m very selective about whose blog I follow. I like your blog because I can learn of your homeland. Your photography is promising. Keep shooting. I’ve been a photographer for 42 years.


        1. Now I don’t have words to reply . . Thank you very much for your kind words. I can see the experience you have from your photographs.. The light is so perfect in all photographs. I didn’t find a spot of dis balance in light in all your photographs… Your blog in not only a source of understanding the life but also a source of learning photography..I am 24 year old and still leaning photography… Thank you very much again for your kind words.. I will try my best to post as much as possible about my country and also I will be learning for your photographs too 🙂


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