Sunset in hampi while doing yoga

Short Story from Hampi, India

All travelers are aware of this beautiful hippies destination in India. Although, one can see travelers from around the world coming to this place but Hampi is most popular destination among Israelis. A village on another side of the river in Hampi is also called as "Israeli village " because of the major population living … Continue reading Short Story from Hampi, India

Badami & Group of Temples (The Road Trip contd.)

After the beaches and oceans, we took turn to check out the ancient temples and rock caves in a completely different landscape of Karnataka. Everybody knows about Hampi, but while googling, names of Badami & Patttadkal also came up. I remembered their strong mentions in our history school books, so decided to read more about … Continue reading Badami & Group of Temples (The Road Trip contd.)

Street Dance – Mumbai , India

For a moment I thought I was standing in front of four monkeys who were jumping everywhere as if it was an insult for them to stand straight on the ground. Since it was something interesting going on in front of my eyes, so I took out my camera and started shooting these kids. As … Continue reading Street Dance – Mumbai , India