Street Dance – Mumbai , India

For a moment I thought I was standing in front of four monkeys who were jumping everywhere as if it was an insult for them to stand straight on the ground. Since it was something interesting going on in front of my eyes, so I took out my camera and started shooting these kids. As … Continue reading Street Dance – Mumbai , India

2 or 1 ? . Life in a metro (Mumbai)..

We have different faces , different style , different ways of living , different aim of life, different dreams and different destinations. But at the end of day we all are same . In this photograph, two men are walking in different direction . They are coming from different location and going for a different … Continue reading 2 or 1 ? . Life in a metro (Mumbai)..


Meals on wheels is what I feel describe a dabbawala. They collect hot food in lunch box from the residences of workers in the late morning, delivers the lunches to the workplace utilizing various modes of transport, predominantly bicycles and the rail trains, and returns the empty boxes back to the customer's residence that afternoon. … Continue reading DabbaWala

Majnu ji (The lover)

People go crazy in love and here is one of the example of love. I found this guy at chandni chowk,Delhi ,India . The tatoo on his chest was not just a normal tattoo ,it was his girlfriend/wife name . The alphabet "A" was already printed on his chest . I forgot the name of … Continue reading Majnu ji (The lover)

Life In a Metro (Mumbai , India)

A scene from the street of mumbai during the evening. A kid (I guess a delivery boy ) crossing road on bicycle and a kid behind him going home with his small little street food stall on his soldiers