mandalpatti peak camping

Short story from Mandalpatti, Madikeri

We arrived at this place in the evening with hope to camp on one of the peak but all our dreams were ruined when the check post guard asked us to come back before 6 pm and do not camp as an elephant or other wild animal do come at night. To scared us more, … Continue reading Short story from Mandalpatti, Madikeri

Trekking to Borail, the 2nd highest peak of assam, in halflong

Short story – Why small snakes are poisonous

While trekking to the 2nd highest peak of Assam( Borail range, Halflong ), I was warned not to touch a special plant. Because if I do, I will be itching all day or maybe I get some skin infection as well. On asking a local why is that plant so poisonous, a story came to my diary 😊 … Continue reading Short story – Why small snakes are poisonous

Short travel story from Haunted village rajasthan

Short story of haunted village Kuldhara, Jaisalmer, India

A few kilometer from the Jaisalmer(golden city of India) towards sam sand dunes, one can find a very interesting place also known as the haunted town of Kuldhara. When I tell people that I had been to this place, they normally come up with a common question. "Did you camp inside this village at night". … Continue reading Short story of haunted village Kuldhara, Jaisalmer, India

Short travel story from sunset point in Hampi, Karnataka

Short Story From Hampi, India

This short story is definitely for IT people who are willing to travel. I should have named is as "Place to work for an IT guy, if you have work from home option" 😁 During my road trip across India, for first 12 months I was working for IBM software labs (I had taken work … Continue reading Short Story From Hampi, India

Dankar monastery, spiti valley sunrise view

Short Story Dhankar, Spiti, India

We were moving towards Kaza and in between, I took a break to click some photos. Meanwhile, Bhishma saw a board saying Dhankar monastery.I didn't know about this place but Bhishma had read something about Dhankar(but not able to recall). Some more friend were waiting for us in Kaza and because of no network from … Continue reading Short Story Dhankar, Spiti, India