Short travel story from varanasi

Short Story from Varanasi , India

So during my India tour, I somehow went into one of the famous Aakhada(wrestling area) in Varanasi. As usual, I started clicking photos of wrestlers in action without taking permission of any one of them After a while one of the wrestlers(2nd one from the right who is also state champion) asked me to click … Continue reading Short Story from Varanasi , India

Dance of innocence (Photo story of Munni)

This photo story was clicked during Pushkar camel fair 2013. While a celebration was going on in camel fair ground, a gypsy family living in that camel fair ground was forced to shift outside of camel fair area and they are waiting for this festival to get over. In this picture is Munni, a 12-year-old … Continue reading Dance of innocence (Photo story of Munni)

Pan shop in hyderabad

Pan shop Hyderabad

Pan is very famous desserts in India. Eating Pan has many benefits which my grandfather used to tell me. Although, I am not sure how many of them are correct or he just used to make an excuse for eating pan after food. As per him, pan helps in improving ur digestion. One of the … Continue reading Pan shop Hyderabad

Short Stories from Murshidabad, west bengal, India

In this picture is wire painting of a rickshaw puller from a museum in Murshidabad, West Bengal. One can still find this rickshaw puller in some areas of west Bengal. The surprising fact about this painting is that it's made from single wire. The perfection of artist can be seen from the fact that all … Continue reading Short Stories from Murshidabad, west bengal, India

Short Story-Pushkar , India

You might have heard the famous movie name "Hathi Mera Saathi", here is a different version of the similar story "Uoonth Mera Yaar". I met this kid in camel fair 2014, after observing him for few minutes(he was talking to camel). I finally approached him to ask why is he taking care of this camel … Continue reading Short Story-Pushkar , India