Things To Do in Ooty – How To Make Your Ooty Trip Memorable

A lot of people ask us about this journey we are on and among the foremost questions they ask is 'Which places did you like the most?'. Though I, now, have a standard answer to this question but this post is not about it. This post is about the inclusion of Udhagamandalam (or Ooty as we … Continue reading Things To Do in Ooty – How To Make Your Ooty Trip Memorable

Camping at Paradise Beach (Goa) 

After spending a couple of days partying in the typical Goa manner, we moved ahead in search of more peaceful and lesser explored places there. I had heard of a beach in South Goa that, according to the legends, was hidden deep in the jungle, attracted few people and was mesmerizingly beautiful. Cola Beach. Cola … Continue reading Camping at Paradise Beach (Goa) 

3,000 kilometers on highway (journey so far)

Life seems to be very busy these days and not letting me post stories of my travel but I will updates stories soon . Meanwhile enjoy a summary of our journey of around 3,000 kilometers so far (All images taken by lumia1020) Exploring Goa Freedom In Goa Family in Goa Love in Goa Chilling at … Continue reading 3,000 kilometers on highway (journey so far)

Mumbai To Goa Biketrip

Traveling is not a habit or passion , it is an addiction much more stronger than drugs and alcohol. You might have great experience or you might get bad a distressing one, but one thing is sure you will definitely get a new experience of life which is better then sitting inside four walls. There … Continue reading Mumbai To Goa Biketrip