Roadtrip to cleanest village of asia in Meghalaya

Short story(folk tale)- why Khasi people eat Betelnut(Tamol) in Meghalaya

If you are traveling in Meghalaya, you will find a lot of people eating betel nut & If you are in conversation with a khasi, you will definitely get an offer to eat betelnut behind which they have a very interesting story. Once upon a time, there were two friends. One was very rich and … Continue reading Short story(folk tale)- why Khasi people eat Betelnut(Tamol) in Meghalaya

panormic view of agartala palace during roadtrip

Short story from Tripura , India

Tripura is one of the oldest princely states of India. It is said to be ruled continuously by 184 kings before merging into India. Tripura was one of the states which didn't join India union after independence and continued to be ruled by king Bir Bikram Kishore. Later during the same year of independence(1947), the … Continue reading Short story from Tripura , India

Badami & Group of Temples (The Road Trip contd.)

After the beaches and oceans, we took turn to check out the ancient temples and rock caves in a completely different landscape of Karnataka. Everybody knows about Hampi, but while googling, names of Badami & Patttadkal also came up. I remembered their strong mentions in our history school books, so decided to read more about … Continue reading Badami & Group of Temples (The Road Trip contd.)

Camping at Paradise Beach (Goa) 

After spending a couple of days partying in the typical Goa manner, we moved ahead in search of more peaceful and lesser explored places there. I had heard of a beach in South Goa that, according to the legends, was hidden deep in the jungle, attracted few people and was mesmerizingly beautiful. Cola Beach. Cola … Continue reading Camping at Paradise Beach (Goa) 

Mumbai To Goa Biketrip

Traveling is not a habit or passion , it is an addiction much more stronger than drugs and alcohol. You might have great experience or you might get bad a distressing one, but one thing is sure you will definitely get a new experience of life which is better then sitting inside four walls. There … Continue reading Mumbai To Goa Biketrip