Lamas celebrating during Annual Prayer in Key Monastery spiti valley

Short story from Key Monastery, Kaza, Spiti

I had been to Leh once through Manali-Leh highway so we decided to travel through Spiti road this time. The most dangerous road to travel on in India, I wish I had taken flight to Leh instead of traveling by road this time. After riding for almost 12 hours a day, we decided to stay … Continue reading Short story from Key Monastery, Kaza, Spiti

Mumbai To Goa Biketrip

Traveling is not a habit or passion , it is an addiction much more stronger than drugs and alcohol. You might have great experience or you might get bad a distressing one, but one thing is sure you will definitely get a new experience of life which is better then sitting inside four walls. There … Continue reading Mumbai To Goa Biketrip