Roadtrip to cleanest village of asia in Meghalaya

Short story(folk tale)- why Khasi people eat Betelnut(Tamol) in Meghalaya

If you are traveling in Meghalaya, you will find a lot of people eating betel nut & If you are in conversation with a khasi, you will definitely get an offer to eat betelnut behind which they have a very interesting story. Once upon a time, there were two friends. One was very rich and … Continue reading Short story(folk tale)- why Khasi people eat Betelnut(Tamol) in Meghalaya

panormic view of agartala palace during roadtrip

Short story from Tripura , India

Tripura is one of the oldest princely states of India. It is said to be ruled continuously by 184 kings before merging into India. Tripura was one of the states which didn't join India union after independence and continued to be ruled by king Bir Bikram Kishore. Later during the same year of independence(1947), the … Continue reading Short story from Tripura , India

Short travel story from varanasi

Short Story from Varanasi , India

So during my India tour, I somehow went into one of the famous Aakhada(wrestling area) in Varanasi. As usual, I started clicking photos of wrestlers in action without taking permission of any one of them After a while one of the wrestlers(2nd one from the right who is also state champion) asked me to click … Continue reading Short Story from Varanasi , India

durga puja festival pic in kolkata

Searching for Durga Photo Series

Kolkata streets are one of the most photogenic places in India but at the same time most crowded. It was really tough to cross a road in Kolkata, forget about roaming anywhere you want. Most routes keep on changing from one way to two way depending on what time of day you are crossing. But … Continue reading Searching for Durga Photo Series

Dance of innocence (Photo story of Munni)

This photo story was clicked during Pushkar camel fair 2013. While a celebration was going on in camel fair ground, a gypsy family living in that camel fair ground was forced to shift outside of camel fair area and they are waiting for this festival to get over. In this picture is Munni, a 12-year-old … Continue reading Dance of innocence (Photo story of Munni)