South India bike tour video (8300kilometer , 60 days and a white bullet )

This is a short summary video of our south India road trip of 8300 kilometers in 60 days on Royal Enfield bullet Follow our blog for more stories and video from India bike tour and Read Here My complete Journey of 500 Days around  India on a motorcycle 

Mumbai To Goa Biketrip

Traveling is not a habit or passion , it is an addiction much more stronger than drugs and alcohol. You might have great experience or you might get bad a distressing one, but one thing is sure you will definitely get a new experience of life which is better then sitting inside four walls. There … Continue reading Mumbai To Goa Biketrip

An Unknown Artist

Before you read this blog entry, I wish you look at the above image and list down the first 5 things that comes in your mind after looking at it. List ready ?. If yes, then I am sorry to disappoint you as whatever you have imagined is wrong. I guess one of the entry … Continue reading An Unknown Artist

Be Happy with what you have

After capturing a few photos at gatway of India-Mumbai , I didn't find a subject to capture so I started capturing my friend's bicycle. I was looking through my camera's view finder and suddenly this cute girl came in my frame .She saw my camera and started posing in front of it. After looking at … Continue reading Be Happy with what you have