Mizoram tripura border road

Short story of UP 14 entering Mizoram, India

I took google help to decide my route from Tripura to Mizoram but google map is not the best option if you are traveling in northeast India. Although it's the shortest but no one actually goes via that route. On discussing it with Tripura rider club(who also rejected google suggested route), I came to know … Continue reading Short story of UP 14 entering Mizoram, India

Short Story from Varanasi , India

So during my India tour, I somehow went into one of the famous Aakhada(wrestling area) in Varanasi. As usual, I started clicking photos of wrestlers in action without taking permission of any one of them After a while one of the wrestlers(2nd one from the right who is also state champion) asked me to click … Continue reading Short Story from Varanasi , India