Camping at Nam Phon National Park Thailand

Moto Camping in Thailand

Namastey, I am back again to share my recent motorcycle adventure through South East Asia. For a very long time, I have been receiving message requests to write short blogs instead of long stories, so I have decided to write small blogs starting with my travel across Thailand. Number of days in Thailand: 40 Total … Continue reading Moto Camping in Thailand

Short travel story from Leh

If you remember this Gompa from Spiti Roadtrip

Every time I went to Leh, I start believing in the theory of aliens visiting our planet. Random structures over mountains feel like an artistic work instead of the pattern as said to be formed by winds. The mountains are so high, makes me submit myself in front of them. Are those just big mountains … Continue reading If you remember this Gompa from Spiti Roadtrip