Lamas celebrating during Annual Prayer in Key Monastery spiti valley

Short story from Key Monastery, Kaza, Spiti

I had been to Leh once through Manali-Leh highway so we decided to travel through Spiti road this time. The most dangerous road to travel on in India, I wish I had taken flight to Leh instead of traveling by road this time. After riding for almost 12 hours a day, we decided to stay … Continue reading Short story from Key Monastery, Kaza, Spiti

Dankar monastery, spiti valley sunrise view

Short Story Dhankar, Spiti, India

We were moving towards Kaza and in between, I took a break to click some photos. Meanwhile, Bhishma saw a board saying Dhankar monastery.I didn't know about this place but Bhishma had read something about Dhankar(but not able to recall). Some more friend were waiting for us in Kaza and because of no network from … Continue reading Short Story Dhankar, Spiti, India

How I got Leh’d 2nd time

It's been long since I have updated the blog. I had been traveling across India. It has been 26,000km so far in India on a bullet. I and my friend have started writing again so we will be updating blogs soon. Meanwhile here are photos from Leh Go to the following blog which has¬†everything … Continue reading How I got Leh’d 2nd time