durga puja festival pic in kolkata

Searching for Durga Photo Series

Kolkata streets are one of the most photogenic places in India but at the same time most crowded. It was really tough to cross a road in Kolkata, forget about roaming anywhere you want. Most routes keep on changing from one way to two way depending on what time of day you are crossing. But … Continue reading Searching for Durga Photo Series

short story and folk tale from Holi festival in vrindavan

Stories from Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India

(Holi in India ) This picture was taken inside famous Bankey Bihari(Krishna) temple during Holi festival. During the festival time, everyone in Vrindavan greets each other saying "Radhey Radhey" while throwing colors on each other instead of "namaste" or hello. You are allowed to click picture inside the temple but you are not allowed to … Continue reading Stories from Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India

Short Story from Goa,India

This photograph was taken during the starting days of our motorcycle trip across India(46000+km in 500days). After visiting few beach in goa, we were heading towards the Gokarna but in a midway(south goa) we found a board saying Galgibagh beach. We had a lot of free time to see places around,┬áso Bhishma started searching on … Continue reading Short Story from Goa,India

Short story from Old delhi , India

This picture was taken inside Jama Masjid(mosques) during their worship time. While sitting inside mosque we were looking for some stories on the internet about this mosque and initially, we only came to know that the mosque was built by Saha Jahan. It's better to have a guide at historical places. But if you are … Continue reading Short story from Old delhi , India

Short Story-Bodhgaya , Bihar

In above picture is Lama doing evening prayer and meditation inside Bodhgaya temple.I tried to click when his eyes were closed but somehow he sensed my presence and I got this photograph. Most people already know this fact that Buddhist people are considered as peace-loving people around the world and even Bhutan is considered as … Continue reading Short Story-Bodhgaya , Bihar