Folk tale from Sunset in Umiam Lake , shillong , Meghalaya

Short Story(folktale) of Umiam Lake, Shillong, Meghalaya, India

Sunset over Umiam lake is one of the most memorable and peaceful time one can have in Meghalaya. But looking at the sunset and at the same time listening to the story behind this beautiful lake may fill your heart with emotions. The meaning of Umiam when translated from Khasi to English is "water of … Continue reading Short Story(folktale) of Umiam Lake, Shillong, Meghalaya, India

Short travel story from sunset point in Hampi, Karnataka

Short Story From Hampi, India

This short story is definitely for IT people who are willing to travel. I should have named is as "Place to work for an IT guy, if you have work from home option" 😁 During my road trip across India, for first 12 months I was working for IBM software labs (I had taken work … Continue reading Short Story From Hampi, India

Sunset in hampi while doing yoga

Short Story from Hampi, India

All travelers are aware of this beautiful hippies destination in India. Although, one can see travelers from around the world coming to this place but Hampi is most popular destination among Israelis. A village on another side of the river in Hampi is also called as "Israeli village " because of the major population living … Continue reading Short Story from Hampi, India

Short Story from Goa,India

This photograph was taken during the starting days of our motorcycle trip across India(46000+km in 500days). After visiting few beach in goa, we were heading towards the Gokarna but in a midway(south goa) we found a board saying Galgibagh beach. We had a lot of free time to see places around, so Bhishma started searching on … Continue reading Short Story from Goa,India

Short Story- Lonar lake , Rare place in India

In above picture is Lonar lake, Maharastra, India. This lake is formed centuries ago by the collision of a meteoroid on earth.  It's the only place in India and one of the rarest location for travel across India, some people also claim it to be the only place in South Asia(not sure about the fact) A … Continue reading Short Story- Lonar lake , Rare place in India